AI + Robots + Humans

The Collaborative, Learning, and Adaptive Robots (CLeAR) Lab at NUS investigates the science and engineering of human-AI/robot teams. We conduct human-robot-interaction (HRI) experiments and develop novel machine-learning (ML) methods that enable robots to work with people; we’re particularly interested in trustworthy collaborative robots.

We are interested in both cognitive and physical aspects of human-robot interaction. For example, we’ve developed new machine-learning (ML) models of human trust and enabled robots to identify objects by touch. As part of our research, we also develop general-purpose ML methods for integrating prior knowledge into deep-learning and new generative models.

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Latest News

26 Apr 2022

Harold has been awarded the University Annual Teaching Excellence Award (2022)!

20 Apr 2022

Our work on SCALES for Fair Decision-Making was just accepted to AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society (AIES)! Congrats to Sreejith and Jianxin!

13 Apr 2022

Our work on MIRROR for Assistive Human-Robot Communication was just accepted to RSS! Congrats to Kaiqi and Jeffrey!

8 Feb 2022

Harold is giving an online talk on Trust and Touch for HRI at the QUT Centre for Robotics! Register at!

20 Dec 2021

Congrats to Shuyue Hu on her paper acceptance at AAMAS 2022!

30 Sep 2021

Congrats to Tasbolat and team for winning the Best Paper Award at IROS 2021 for Extended Tactile Perception!

29 Sep 2021

Our work on deep explicit duration switching models by Fatir was just accepted to NeurIPS 2021. Work done with collaborators at Amazon Research during Fatir's internship.

3 Aug 2021

Abdul Fatir was awarded the Dean's Research Excellence Award! Congratulations Fatir!

5 Jul 2021

We're expanding! Two postdoc positions and one research assistant position available. Apply today!

5 Jul 2021

Harold will be giving an invited talk on Event Tactile Perception at Telluride 2021.

4 Jul 2021

Harold was awarded the NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) 2021.

1 Jul 2021

Our work on Extended Tactile Perception via Vibration Sensing by Tasbolat, Shui Song, and Eugene was just accepted to IROS 2021! Joint work with our collaborators Hian Hian and Benjamin Tee.

10 Apr 2021

Harold was awarded a Faculty Teaching Excellence Award for 2019/20! (Third year in a row).

01 Mar 2021

Our work on Embedding Symbolic Temporal Knowledge into Deep Sequential Models by Yaqi was just accepted to ICRA 2021!

01 Mar 2021

Our work on Multi-Modal Mutual Information (MuMMI) Training for Robust Self-Supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning by Kaiqi and Yong Lee was just accepted to ICRA 2021!

15 Jan 2021

Our work on refining generative models by Fatir and Ming Liang was just accepted to ICLR 2021!

14 Jan 2021

Our Late-Breaking Report on a new Theory for Large-Scale HRI will appear at HRI 2021!

25 Sep 2020

Our paper on Efficient Exploration of Reward Functions in Inverse Reinforcement Learning via Bayesian Optimization was just accepted to Neurips 2020

07 Sep 2020

Our review paper on Trust in Robots has just been published in Current Robotics Reports. Congratulations to Bingcai on the paper!

04 Aug 2020

Congratulations to Tasbolat who has just won a Research Achievement Award!

01 Jul 2020

Congratulations to Eugene Lim who won the NUS Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award for his work on deep models for collaboration and Juiced!

30 Jun 2020

Our paper Capability, Intent and Trust Calibration in Human Collaboration by Joshua, Jeffrey and Bingcai was just accepted at IROS 2020!