Meet the research team of CLeAR Lab.


Postdoctoral Research Fellows

PhD Candidates

Xie Yaqi

Research Achievement Award 2019

Abdul Fatir Ansari

Research Achievement Award 2018

Chen Kaiqi

Sreejith Balakrishnan

Research Achievement Award 2021

Tasbolat Taunyazov

Research Achievement Award 2020

Bi Jianxin

The Great Website Maintainer

Masters Candidates

Jeffrey Fong

Shui Song Luar

Research Assistants

Low Jin Siang

Zhu Changxi

Undergraduate Researchers

Eugene Lim

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize 2020

Ang Yizhe

Pakorn Ueareeworakul

Andrew Tan

Tay Yu Jia


Dr. Gu Fuqiang (Postdoc, joined Chongqing University as Faculty)

Dr. Li Yong (Postdoc)

Mr. Sng Weicong (Research Assistant, joined NUS as Graduate Tutor / PhD candidate)

Mr. Kok Bing Cai (Research Assistant, joined NUS Dept of Medicine)

Mr. Jethro Kuan (Research Assistant, joined ByteDance)

Dr. Yi Zhengkun (Postdoc, joined the Chinese Academy of Sciences as Faculty)

Dr. Indu Prasad (Postdoc, joined Cambridge University as a Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr. Young Lee (Postdoc, joined Harvard University as a Postdoctoral Fellow)

Ms. Chua Kayi (BSc)

Ms. Li Xinyu (MComp, joined A*STAR)

Mr. Manas Gupta (MComp, joined A*STAR)

Mr. Pan Shu (MSc., joined Thomson Reuters)

Mr. Chen Xukun (MComp, joined GovTech)

Mr. Valentin Vignal (Mcomp)

Ms. Zoé Berenger (Mcomp)

Mr. Zhou Fan (Mcomp)

Mr. Joshua Lee (BSc, joined Google)

Mr. Yuan Yuchuan (BSc, joined Affirm)

Mr. Yang Zhuohan (BSc, joined Rakuten)

Mr. Ken Oung (BSc)